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You went to sleep at eight on Sunday night just so Monday morning would come sooner. Ever since Niall called and told you he didn’t go out, you got even more excited about spending the day with him. You were worried about the trip he took so much, but he eased your suspicions when he called you that night. You weren’t expecting it at all. He always went out with his friends and drank a lot and had fun, you were used to that already, but this time he chose to stay in even though his friends went out, and you were proud of him. It wasn’t even close to what you expected from him and that was a good thing.
He was starting to open up to you, just like you opened up to him, even though you were scared of it. The only thing you’ve told him so far was about your first time, but that was actually the thing you never wanted to talk about with people. You could easily talk about other things, but you had a tough time talking about it, but not with Niall. He talked to you about the game they were playing the following day and about their opponents and he got really into it, then he changed the subject and started talking about high school and the stuff they used to do before games and how he got into the football team at the first place and he told you about one time they showed up drunk for a game and the coach kicked them out and you knew all of those things meant something to him, so it was nice to hear them, even if you weren’t interested in sports. However, the best thing he said was that he felt like your boyfriend. When you got the text, you weren’t really convinced he thought that way. Guys would say whatever to get out of a sticky situation and you presumed that was what he was doing. When you asked him about it later, he said he did mean it. He actually felt like your boyfriend. You didn’t take it as a sign of you two being together, but it meant a lot to hear that from him. You never thought you’d hear those words coming out of his mouth.
Since you were really looking forward to spending the day with him, his text shook you up.
Hey, I can’t ditch classes after all, but I can come tonight
Booty-call again? You sighed and went back to bed, a bit upset about it. You knew it wasn’t his fault if he really couldn’t ditch the class, but it was nonetheless upsetting. He always ditched classes with his friends, but he couldn’t when it came to you? How great. You ditched classes for him, expecting to spend the day with him, and he just didn’t show up and you had nothing to do. Didn’t it mean something for him? You were looking forward to this day, and you’d ditch anyone for this, and he just couldn’t do that for you. You didn’t reply, instead you just lay on your bed and threw the phone next to you, thinking about what you were going to do for the rest of the day, when your phone rang again.
I’ll explain later, don’t be mad, pet
He called you pet again, thinking that being cute is gonna get him out of this again. It kind of worked, because you decided to tell him to come over tonight after all. Maybe he was telling the truth.
Sounds great
After taking an extra long bath, you walked down to the kitchen and tried to find something to prepare for the night. Of course, there was nothing edible, probably because you didn’t go grocery shopping like your parents told you to, they even left the money. You gave up and ordered a pizza, and you kept your fingers crossed Niall wouldn’t be hungry that night.
There was a Friends marathon on TV and your afternoon passed quickly and before you knew it, it was six and you had to do some cleaning up around the house. When you were finished with that, you only had an hour to get yourself ready. You took a long bath, shaved your legs, put a mask on your face and had a drink, just to feel more relaxed when Niall comes. It was actually the first night you were going to spend together.
You had sex a lot of times, but you’ve never stayed the night and neither did he. He never told you he wanted you to stay, and you never told him that, either, but you thought it was obvious now since you told him you’re all alone for the week until your parents come back. He was coming at eight and if he was planning to come over just to have sex and go home, he was wrong. You wanted to spend some quality time together, no matter how dumb and cheesy that sounded. Without that, a relationship is nothing. Nothing can revolve just around sex, and you wanted him to realize that, but of course, you didn’t know how to tell him that, so you just hoped he’d get the hint and stay the night, cuddled up with you in front of the TV.
Niall showed up a couple of minutes early and you hugged him as soon as you opened the door for him in your pajamas. You thought about dressing up for him, but you’ve changed your mind at the last minute. He was coming over for a sleepover, not for a fancy dinner or anything like that. You wanted to be comfortable and your pajamas was perfect for that. He returned your hug and pressed you harder against him, and you rested your head in the crook of his neck, breathing in the smell of his aftershave.
-Someone can’t get enough of me.
You felt him chuckle as he said that, but you didn’t back away from the hug. You’ve missed him and you got scared of losing him while he was away and now you had him in your arms, and he was soft and warm as you remembered. His skin smelled as good as usual, his arms felt strong around you and you didn’t want to let go.
-Don’t pretend you’re not enjoying it.-you pretended to be mad, so he lifted you up in his arms and you wrapped your legs around his waist quickly and he carried you to the living room.
-Of course I am, how often do I get to see hot girls throwing themselves at me?-he laughed and put you down on the sofa before sitting down next to you, his arm resting on the back of the sofa.
-Every weekend, I’d say.-you rolled your eyes and he shook his head.
-Not this one, though, I was sleeping while everyone else was having fun.
-So was I.
His tongue darted out to wet his lips before he spoke.
-I wish you were there with me, I don’t think we’d get a wink of sleep.-he smirked cockily after saying that.
-Well I had a little something to get me by.-you winked and scrolled through your phone just to show him the picture of his bulge which he sent you the other day.
He laughed loudly when you showed it to him, his cheeks getting a bit rosy, even though he was proud of his body and you completely understood why.
-When will I get one of these from you?-he leaned backwards, resting his hand around your shoulders.
-Never.-you shrugged.-You always get to see it in person, so it’s all the same.
-I don’t always get to see it, there are times when we can’t be alone or when you’re on your period and I’m absolutely devastated.-he laughed while he spoke and you hit his shoulder playfully.
-Poor you.-you rolled your eyes.-So how was the game?
-It was good, of course we won, even though everyone got wasted the night before the game, except me. The game was great, the rest was a bit boring.
You smiled when he said that, hoping he said it because he actually didn’t have fun there. It’s not that you didn’t want him to enjoy things, you didn’t want him to enjoy things involving other girls.
-That’s great.-you leaned in and kissed him on the lips slowly.
He kissed back, as slow as you did, and his hand flew up to your cheek just to cup it gently, his thumb rubbing your cheek. You lowered your hands onto his chest and leaned in even more, kissing him hungrily now, running your tongue across his firm lips and you felt him smile into the kiss.
-I like it when you’re eager.-he mumbled into the kiss and pulled you in even closer and you threw your leg over his lap, straddling him.
Just then, the phone rang and you got up quickly.
-Sorry, it’s my mom, she told me she’d call around eight every night and that she expects me home, I don’t want her getting back home earlier.-you spoke quickly as you ran towards the phone and picked up.
Your mom asked how you were, how college was, what you were doing and she told you about their trip so far. She went on and on and you didn’t say more than one sentence, hoping she’d be finished soon. You ended the conversation quickly because Niall was waiting for you and he was getting impatient.
-Imagine if they came back and found me here.-he said when you got back to the living room.
-Oh my God, don’t even say that, imagine if they saw us together.-you breathed in loudly and put a hand across your chest.-The horror.
-Really?-his tone wasn’t as joking as usual.-It would be a horror if they knew about us?
You didn’t know what his question was supposed to mean. Of course it would. They knew you were sexually active, obviously, but they didn’t know who with. Your mom saw him, he told her he’s your friend, so if they found Niall here, they’d know for sure and they wouldn’t stop bugging you about it. Being the perfect couple they are, they’d probably ask him over for dinner or something to get to know him better because that’s what they did back when they were young. He wouldn’t want to come because he wasn’t your boyfriend and just to explain what kind of a relationship you have would be horrible and embarrassing and you wouldn’t be able to face them ever again.
-Yes, it would, they’re my parents, i don’t want them to know about us, Jesus.-you plopped down right next to him.-Where were we?
Usually, he’d grab you and kiss you again, but now he was just leaning backwards and scowling at you. He seemed genuinely upset about it and you couldn’t understand why.
-What?-you asked when you realized he wasn’t going to explain himself.
-What the fuck are you doing with me if you don’t want to be seen with me?-he sounded cross.
-I didn’t mean it like that.-you shook your head.-Besides, you’re the one who doesn’t want this to go anywhere, it’s not like you’re giving me a choice. What am I supposed to say to them, hey mom and dad, this is the guy who fucks me basically every time we’re alone, but he’s just a “friend from college“?-you made the quotation mark signs with your fingers.-I can’t do that.
-What the fuck am I supposed to do about that?-he sat up straight and glared.-I treat you like you’re my girlfriend, you’re the one who’s not acting that way. This is why I didn’t want to get into this mess anyway, as soon as people realize you like them back, they stop giving a shit.
-I didn’t stop, wait, what?-you scrunched your face in disbelief and stared at him.-First of all, I’m not doing anything with anyone else other than you, I’m not ignoring you or anything like that, so you can’t say that I’m not acting like I’m supposed to. And why do you think I stopped caring for you? I’m here, obviously. I wouldn’t have called you over if I didn’t want you to be here.
His expression went from cross to unhappy in a second as he compressed his lips and scrunched his eyebrows, glaring at a spot somewhere on the living room wall. You were used to seeing him mad, but seeing him sad was something different and you didn’t like it. You couldn’t be sad next to him and it was awful that he could.
-Then why aren’t you acting like other people’s girlfriends? We don’t look like a couple at all, nobody sees us that way.-he shook his head and rested his elbows on top of his knees.
-We act like one, that’s what matters.-you shrugged.-Why does it matter what other people think of us? It’s between the two of us.
-It matters to me. I don’t feel like we’re a couple because of that.
You felt as though it would be easier if he had hit you across the face instead of saying that. He doesn’t feel like you’re together. Niall was the only thing you were focusing on, and he didn’t even notice that. Niall just made you realize how bad you were at showing people you care for them, because you cared about him a lot more than you did for any other guy ever, and you didn’t have a reason to break up with him even though he’s given you hundreds. Somehow, he still didn’t think that was enough.
-Then what are you doing here with me?-your voice trembled as you asked him that, knowing he could just walk away.-You said you weren’t gonna play me anymore and you should go if you don’t feel like we’re together.
-Fucking hell.-he smacked his knees with his clenched fists angrily and looked at you.-I’m not playing you, I thought I made it clear that night. I just think you don’t want other people to know about us because I’m a mess and you feel like you’re too good for me and you don’t want your parents to know about me, you don’t want anyone to know about me, you don’t want to go out to dinner with me because you don’t want to be seen with me. And you’re right, you are better, a lot better than me, I’m a fuck up and you’re not, but if you don’t want to be seen with me, what do you want from me? I can’t do anything more than what I’m already doi…
You cut him off because you couldn’t believe what he had just told you.
-Niall, shut up. Listen, I don’t think I’m better than you and I don’t think you’re better than me, that’s not the way I see you or myself, we’re equals, I fuck a lot of things up and so do you, it doesn’t matter as long as we get along. And it’s not that I don’t want to be seen with you because of you, it’s because of me. I can’t introduce you to anyone and act like we’re together when we’re not, it just makes me look pathetic in front of other people, but more importantly, in front of my parents. They’d be disappointed if they knew I’m just fucking around with a guy they don’t even know about when they had this perfect relationship when they were our age, they wouldn’t understand that. I can’t tell them we’re just fucking, I can’t, they’d be really upset. I can’t go around telling people how we’re together when we’re not.-you bit your lower lip.-We can go and do whatever you want, if that’s the problem, I don’t wanna fight over nothing.
-Why would you tell people we’re just fucking around? I was fucking around with Jessie and a bunch of other girls, you’re not in that category, you never were.-he put his hand on your thigh and squeezed it gently.-You’re a nice girl, okay?
You sighed and nodded your head before resting your palm over his and squeezing it. You didn’t like seeing Niall upset or sad because of you and you just wanted him to calm down.
-You’re not bad yourself.
You wrapped your arm around him from the side and pulled him in to give him a kiss on his forehead and he tensed up under your touch and grabbed your shoulders just to push you away from him a bit.
-I care.-he nodded quickly as to assure you he was serious.-And we should be together, I don’t want you feeling that way because you think this is just fucking. It’s a lot more than that, you’re a lot more than that to me.
You put your palm across your mouth and stared at him as he said that. You’ve imagined this a bunch of times while you were seeing each other, but it was even better in reality.
-Are you serious?
-I thought it was obvious.-he rolled his eyes at you and jumped up and hugged him, throwing him on his back before pecking his lips a dozen times in a row as he laughed.
Niall wanted you, he wanted you two to be together, you were his now. It wasn’t a huge step for other people, but it was your first relationship and it was the same for Niall. This relieved all of your doubts you had about him not being honest with you. He was honest and he wanted you to be his girlfriend and be seen with him and everything that goes with it. That was more than you ever hoped for.
Niall pulled you in for a kiss, and it was an eager kiss now because his hands started to roam your body instantly, groping your legs and hips. You pressed your hips into his, wanting to feel him get hard against your body and he chuckled as you rubbed yourself against him.
-Seeing you eager is such a good sight.-he nodded approvingly and pulled you up by grabbing your bum and you chuckled, straddling him.-You’re gonna tease, aren’t you?
He looked up, his eyes squinted as he shook his head, but you just poked your tongue out at him and slowly got up to your feet, standing above him as he lay on the sofa. You got out of your pajamas slowly, letting him enjoy the show. Your top slowly fell to the floor, followed by your bra and your rubbed your breasts for him. Niall couldn’t keep his eyes away from you for a second, it looked like he didn’t even blink. You got up on your legs, your feet on either side of his waist and slowly let your pajama pants fall down and then you kicked them off.
-Fucking tease.-he mumbled and darted his tongue out to wet his lips.
You hooked two of your fingers in at either side of your panties and got out of them slowly, throwing them on the pile of clothes already on the floor. Then, when you were completely naked, you got back to straddling him and he let out a grunt as you kissed him.
-Shit, almost jizzed my pants.-you both laughed as he said that.
You bit on his lower lip and his big hands caressed your back. Your skin was hot and his palms were cold, and the contrast made you get goosebumps. Being naked while he was fully clothed wasn’t something you’ve imagined, but it made you feel good. Somehow you felt like you were the one in control that way, and you didn’t know what to do with that power, but you decided to give it a go anyway, just to see where it’s gonna lead you.
-Touch me.-you broke the kiss to whisper that and he grinned and moved his hands from your back to your breasts.
His little eyes didn’t leave yours, not even for a second, as his hands cupped your breasts and played with them. He squeezed and caressed them slowly, taking his time. You moaned out as he rubbed both of your hard nipples with his expert fingers.
-Here? Like this?-he asked, even though he knew very well you were enjoying every single second of it.
-No, better.-you winked and kissed him and he got tense and lowered his hand over your rib cage down to your slit and cupped your sex.
-Better?-he arched his eyebrows and you nodded approvingly.
-And this?-he asked as he ran his finger across your slit down to your opening and looked up at your face.
-Much better.-you moaned out, making him smile.
He slowly eased two of his long fingers inside of you, making you kick your head back. You just closed your eyes and relaxed completely, trying to concentrate on his fingers moving in and out slowly. You were already wet for him and you felt like it was such a long time since you did this and now you had a different kind of relationship and you wanted to make it special.
-Tell me what you want me to do, baby.-he whispered into your ear before kissing your jaw slowly, leaving a wet trail and you whimpered under his touch.
-Fuck me.-you managed to get the words out as his fingers stopped moving.
-Not yet, we’ll have some fun first, eh?-he chuckled.-So tell me, what do you want me to do?
You faced him and kissed him roughly, shoving your tongue inside his mouth unexpectedly, but he kissed back just as eager as you were.
-Go harder.-you told him.-Touch me.
-With what? I want you to say it.-he smirked and looked straight into your eyes.
You realized he wanted you to dirty talk to him and you weren’t exactly someone who was comfortable with those things, but you already wanted him so bad and you knew he wouldn’t just give in. You had to do it to get what you want. After all, you did enjoy his dirty talk, so you had to repay him.
-I want you to finger fuck me until I’m too weak to stand and then I want you to fuck me.-your lips brushed his as you spoke with a commanding tone, making him gasp.
-That’s what I love to hear.
He shoved two of his fingers inside your opening again and started moving them in and out, rubbing them against your walls each time and you already felt a bit shaky. That got even better when he curled them up to rub your g-spot, and that made you let out a loud moan into Niall’s ear.
-Rub me, come on, Niall.-I bit his neck and he grunted.
-Yes.-he planted a kiss on his cheek.
Niall started to rub your clit with his thumb. First the thumb moved in circles, and you bit on Niall’s earlobe.
-You’re so fucking hot.-he grunted.
-Shut up and move your fingers.-you commanded and pressed his shoulders down, planting soft kisses on his collar bones.
He liked what he heard so he started to move his thumb faster, and around the clit before pressing his finger harder against it, earning a loud moan from you. You dug your nails into his shoulders and kicked your head back as he continued to move his fingers even faster.
-Do you like this, huh?-his voice was quiet but still sounded so strong.
-Yes, yes.-you sat upwards, his fingers still inside of you.
You started moving your hips in circles to make yourself feel better and then you stopped and looked straight into his eyes.
-I want more.-you mumbled and wiped the sweat of your forehead.
You were already panting and Niall wasn’t even undressed yet. He smiled as he heard you say that and grabbed your hips.
-Come on up.-he winked and you listened to him.
You put your knees at the sides of his head and he grinned at you before running his soft tongue across your slit and looking up at you. His tongue circled your clit for a while, getting it wet and hard and you grabbed his hands which were still resting on your hips.
You started to roll your hips into his tongue and he ran it from your clit down to your opening over and over again, getting you completely wet and worked up. He stopped your hips from moving by grabbing them again and shoved his tongue inside of you as far up as he could. You felt his slick tongue moving inside of you, circling, touching you from the inside and you let out a small cry, still holding on to his hands and pressing them harder against you. His tongue left your opening just to go back and circle around your clit and you moved your hands behind your body and tried to get rid of Niall’s sweatpants.
-What do you want me to do now?-he looked up.
Seeing him down between your thighs, grinning and flicking his tongue against your clit was making your feel so good about everything that you didn’t want it to stop, but then again, you wanted it to be good for the both of you.
-Get your pants off and let me ride you.-you said with a smirk on your face and his hands moved from your hips down to his hips and he just shoved the pants down his thighs and you moved backwards, your knees on either side of his waist.
He took his cock in his hand and positioned it at your entrance and you sat on it without giving him a warning, earning a low hiss from him. You started off by moving your hips in circles slowly in a way that pleased both of you. His tip swirled around inside of you as you moved your hips and just judging by the expression on his face, you knew he was having a good time. He was breathing heavily and looking at you tentatively, taking everything in.
You slowly eased yourself onto him all the way, taking all of him in and then you started to roll your hips against him, lowering yourself onto him and kissing his lips. Niall brushed your lips with his tongue and you let out a gasp as he bucked his hips and entered you even more while you were rolling your hips.
-Good, good girl.-he said into your mouth and you moaned in response as you picked up your pace and moved your hips even faster.
His hands were all over you, touching you everywhere, pressing your two sweaty bodies closer together and you felt so close to him. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in for a long kiss and your movements ceased.
-This feels perfect.-he mumbled and then pushed you back up so you were sitting up straight.
You took that as a sign to start bouncing up and down his cock and you both let out small moans or hisses or grunts as you moved faster. You could feel him filling you up completely, you could feel the vein on his cock while it was inside of you, while it entered you and left your body, you could feel him completely. You looked down to see his blue eyes staring at your face, taking your expressions in and you smiled at him, earning a grin from him as you bounced up and down again, this time faster. You clenched your walls around him tightly and he hissed.
-Shit, like that.-he bit his lower lip and you smiled.
You felt your own walls clenching involuntarily and your toes curling on their own and you knew just how close you were. You were both physically and emotionally satisfied and you couldn’t have been happier than you were then. You bounced up and down a few more times before kicking your head back and rubbing your own clit while moving up and down his hard cock. Not long after, your felt the tingling sensation getting harder and harder until you felt yourself releasing your juices over Niall’s cock. You panted for air, but didn’t stop moving. Your thighs were shaking, so Niall dug his fingers into your hips to help you move against him easier and you moved up and down, as you got too sensitive, but you knew you had to continue for him to get off.
-I’m close, ugh.-he grunted and looked down at his cock and he seemed mesmerized by the sight.
You looked down at his muscles and noticed how they tensed and eased and quivered on their own and you knew he was close. And you were right, because Niall pressed your hips down and came inside of you while looking straight into your eyes. You collapsed on top of him and gave him a peck before resting your head on his shoulder. You stayed in that position for quite a while, trying to calm yourselves down and get some rest. Niall ran his fingers through your hair slowly and that put you to sleep.

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